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March 9 meeting/Joy in the Morning

March comes in like a lion but Wodehouseans just curl up with a good book and this time it’s Joy in the Morning. Join The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine at 12:30 p.m. Sunday March 9 at Pints Pub in downtown Denver when we discuss the book, eat lunch, trade witticisms and generally have a good time.

Members are asked to contribute to the feast of reason and the flow of soul by bringing two trivia questions for our very informal quiz and whatever bon mots and passages from the book you think worthy of sharing—at the risk of us reciting the entire book.

As I’m sure many already know, Wodehouse was working on Joy in the Morning just before the unpleasantness of being interned by the Germans, but for all that it’s considered a comic masterpiece. With some embarrassment, however, I must admit that I don’t think I’d actually read it before now.

Oh, I might have read it during college in my first Wodehouse blush but I was shocked when I couldn’t find it on my bookshelves. So many of the events in the book are known to me—like Bertie buying the Spinoza for Jeeves—but it’s possible I’ve conflated all the other Wodehouse I’ve read and the Jeeves and Wooster series and convinced myself I read it.

So it’s a happy discovery to find a story—a major story—that I haven’t read, which is precisely why it’s so nice to be a member a Wodehouse society. I’m enjoying my systematic reading of Wodehouse and hope to see you this Sunday and find out if you’ve enjoyed it as much as I.