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Jeeves and Wooster now on Hulu

All four seasons of the Jeeves and Wooster series starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are now available at


Jeeves and Wooster play in the West End


It’s very old news, but unaccountably I forgot to mention this on the blog: Matthew Macfayden (Spooks, Pride and Prejudice) and Stephen Mangan (Green Wing, Dirk Gently) will appear in Perfect Nonsense, the first stage production blessed by the Wodehouse estate. Macfayden, whom Janeites know as Darcy from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film, will play Jeeves, and Mangan will portray Bertie Wooster.

Here’s the description:

When a perfectly delightful trip to the countryside takes a turn for the worse, Bertie Wooster is unwittingly called on to play matchmaker—reconciling the affections of his host’s drippy daughter Madeline Bassett with his newt-fancying acquaintance Gussie Fink-Nottle. If Bertie, ably assisted by the ever-dependable Jeeves, can’t pull off the wedding of the season he’ll be forced to abandon his cherished bachelor status and marry the ghastly girl for himself!

The play will be performed at the Duke of York theatre in London and run from Oct. 30 through Nov. 13. Click here for tickets.

I have to admit I doubted the wisdom of casting Macfayden as Jeeves, but I guess his Darcy glower could be adapted to the Jeeves non-judgmental (but we know he’s thinking) icy calm.

Blandings series renewed


According to this article, a second season (series, if you’re British) of Blandings has been ordered for BBC One. So we should see seven new episodes of this rather loose adaptation of P.G. Wodehouse’s Blandings Castle stories, despite the fact that most Wodehouseans roll their eyes at mention of it.

I have to agree that the series was over the top with silly sound effects and Freddie Threepwood’s hair standing antics, but I still enjoyed it, thinking any Wodehouse on the telly is better than none. This article at the U.K. Wodehouse society explains the reasons why the series has so many trade-offs, and it’s not just because the creators are ignorant of the original.  You have to decide whether there are so many trade-offs that the series is unwatchable.

Pig fanciers, of course, objected to the fact that pig was not a Berkshire, as was mentioned in one of the novels or short stories (Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey perhaps), but I’m sure even the most devoted Whiffle devotee was saddened by the news that the animal actor who portrayed the Empress has left the role to another.