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Next meeting Nov. 9; birthday tea Oct. 18

thank-you-jeevesSorry everyone for the delay in sending out this recap of the most recent meeting of the Secret Nine. We were a reduced company, but we still had a great meeting at Racines Restaurant instead of our usual haunt, Pints Pub (closed for some dubious South American holiday). Everyone seems to have enjoyed Mulliner Nights, but our discussion sorely missed member Shawn’s copious notes.

Perhaps we were too busy enjoying the food to mind the smaller gathering. Although Pints Pub has its advantages—it’s usually quiet, there’s no football game and we can make our own noise without interrupting others—we’ve all grown too familiar with the menu (especially those of us who are also Sherlockians). So we spent more time than usual perusing the Racines menu and enjoying the food, which ate into the meeting time. We compensated by staying later and discussing Wodehouse’s short story collection.

Everyone seemed to have a different favorite story, but I think the two Webster stories were enjoyed by all. We also chose the next story to discuss and as we often do, turned to Jeeves and Wooster in Thank You, Jeeves, the one with the banjolele and the volatile Brinkley. We will discuss this November 9th, but this time our meeting will be at original member Mike’s home and will coincide with the viewing of the appropriate episodes of Jeeves and Wooster (new member Mike reminded us that the episodes Jeeves in the Country and Kidnapped! are drawn from Thank You, Jeeves, which I had forgotten because the TV series transformed the banjolele into a trombone).

Birthday tea
The meeting time will remain the same—12:30 p.m.—it will just be at Mike’s house in Southeast Denver. Information will be forthcoming as the date draws near. Meanwhile, plans continue for our birthday tea 12:30 p.m. October 18th (a Saturday) at Wildflowers Tea Room in Broomfield. I’ve already made a reservation for 8–10 people, but I’ll need to confirm that as the date draws near. We can go higher if need be. High tea is $24.95 and then there’s tax and gratuity. I’ll send out a email in the next day or two with the exact amount so you can send a check if possible (they already have my credit card number).

There’s no story to read for the October meeting and no agenda, so if anyone has suggestions on what we might discuss, please email them to me or leave a comment here. Perhaps we could read a short story or one of the one off stories (Uneasy Money comes to mind and is available for free at Gutenberg and Librivox). Or maybe we can once again share when we first encountered Wodehouse.

PS Thanks to original Mike for introducing us to potential new member Susan.