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Jeeves Takes Charge on the radio

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre has tackled another P.G. Wodehouse short story, Jeeves Takes Charge. You might want to listen to it here. Kind of reminds me of newest member Mike doing a Jeeves imitation. This is the story where Jeeves and Bertie meet for the first time (although as previously noted, not Jeeves’ first appearance).


Next up: Hot Water for Jan. 11, 2015

hot-waterThe Den(ver) of the Secret Nine broke protocol for our November meeting and did not congregate at Pints Pub, our usual downtown Denver haunt, but instead met at member Mike’s house to discuss Thank You, Jeeves and watch the corresponding episodes of Jeeves and Wooster.

Only six of the Nine were present (with apologies to member Janette for the poor directions), but we had a good time with healthier fare than our previous desserts only offerings, and we were bolstered with warm thoughts of how enjoyable Thank You, Jeeves was to read and how entertaining Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were as Jeeves and Bertie.

Our next get together should be 12:30 p.m. Jan. 11 at Pints Pub, unless PP celebrates another obscure holiday (the last was South American Independence Day) and closes up shop. We’ll be discussing Hot Water, another Plum one-off that’s a delight to read. Here’s the GoodReads synopsis:

At French seaside Château Blissac, J. Wellington Gedge from California wants to go home. His larger richer wife wants him to be a Paris Ambassador, blackmails Senator Opal, publicly dry, with a letter to his bootlegger in her safe. Jewels attract criminals tough ‘Soup’ Slattery and ‘Oily’ Carlisle, who mourn female partners here unknown.

Amid confusion of assumed identities and one real undercover detective, ‘Packy’ Patrick Franklyn, rich ex-Yale footballer, wants Jane Opal to be happy. Jane’s fiancé poor writer ‘Egg’ Blair Eggleston is touted by Packy’s fiancée culture-lofty Lady Beatrice Bracken. Rakish ‘Veek’ Vicomte de Blissac returns for holiday festival where men drink, fight, and find love – or at least reward from safe.

town hall posters 2014.inddMember Mike also reminds me that Anything Goes will be performed at the Town Hall Arts Centre in Littleton Nov. 14–Dec. 28. The original book was written by Guy Bolton and Wodehouse and beyond the titular song, I really don’t know much about it, but here’s a sample of the current production.