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Catering for cricket tea


I think I’ve stolen an image from Dad’s Army

We’re working with the Serendipi-Tea Shoppe in Littleton to provide sandwiches and desserts to be served about the time of the tea break (around 3:30 p.m.) during the cricket match Aug. 23 at Cornerstone Park.

The menu will include four tea sandwiches and four desserts, including scones with toppings, for about $15 per person (we’re still calculating prices, which will be somewhat determined by how many responses we receive). Vegetarian sandwiches will be available and it would help if you made clear whether you’d prefer a vegetarian plate. This price does not include tea, but The Denver of the Secret Nine will be providing free iced tea and lemonade.

Payment will probably be by check or PayPal and we’ll announce that information shortly.

Participating in the tea catering is voluntary; you can bring your own food and refreshments and there is no fee to watch the game. Right now, we’re trying to get a sense how many people are coming, so please leave a comment here at, or on our facebook event page, indicating whether you’re coming to game, whether you want to participate in the catering, whether you’d prefer vegetarian and if you’re ordering for more than one person.


Plum’s birthday

We tentatively decided at our July 13th meeting that we’ll hold our Wodehouse birthday tea Saturday, Oct. 18 at Wildflowers Tea Room in Broomfield (yes, Janette, we’re thinking of you). I’ll need an idea how many people will attend because if our group is from 10–20 people, we can use the separate Garden Room, although there is a $50 room charge if we’re there longer than two hours.

If we’re less than 10 or more than 20, we’ll be seated in the main dining area. Tea service is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. High tea is $23.95 and luncheon tea is $18.95. Groups of 10 or more cannot pay with separate checks.

Please use the form below to indicate whether you can come and add a comment if you have any idea what we might put on the agenda.

Mulliner Nights scheduled for Sept. 14

The latest conclave of The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine July 13th produced only eight suspects, but we were glad to welcome Stan, a stalwart of Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients, to our group. We discussed P.G. Wodehouse’s somewhat obscure novel, If I Were You, which garnered almost universal approval from the group.

sep-14If you’re not familiar with If I Were You, know that it’s a Wodehousean one-off, with I believe only a mention of the Drones Club to connect it to the larger world. It has been largely out-of-print, but a new Overlook Press edition made it possible for our group to discuss it. Although everyone enjoyed the story, newer member Mike thought it just missed that indefinable something that raises it to the first rank. (I looked on him with pity.) Original Mike confessed that he was disposed to laugh out loud at reading the story, although he did think Wodehouse captured the Cockney patois of Syd Price only as a Hollywood, overly broad stereotype. (Being from London, Mike is perhaps the only member of our group to be able to judge this.) Stan said the story reminded him of the plot of a 1930s movie, but in a good way, and Larry said he especially noticed the paranoia about socialism and communism in the book. Joice and I agreed that although the eventual outcome of the story was predictable, the story and prose were so delightful it didn’t encourage over examination.

mulliner-nightsWe confirmed that our next meeting will be at 12:30 p.m. Sept. 14 at Pints Pub and we’ll discuss Mulliner Nights, the first time our group has tackled the very large Mulliner clan and the first time we’re reading a collection of short stories.

PS I erred when I asked my trivia question: What celebrated case mentioned in the story has a similar story where an heir appears late in life? The answer should have been the Tichborne Claimant, rather than the Droitwich Claimant. You see what I did there? I switched the fictional claimant with the actual claimant, abetted by the fact that apparently we had all forgotten the peer in question was named Lord Droitwich. We all called him Tony.

I was also incorrect in remembering that the resemblance between the missing Tichborne heir and the claimant was to be found in a birthmark. It was an altogether more delicate characteristic.