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A little Summer Moonshine for the July meeting

the-girl-on-the-boatThe Den(ver) of the Secret Nine indulged in a little Summer Moonshine at our July meeting, discussing Plum’s delightful one-off and surprisingly long story. We would have been nine had not member Janette been forced to remain behind because of the Nederland fire, which still rages as I write this. Here’s hoping her home remains safe.

sep-11.gifThe eight of us professed to have enjoyed the story, marveling at the number of characters and especially admiring the well-rounded heroine. We indulged in our usual game of who would we cast in a movie adaptation of the novel but with little unanimty. Member Ed, who had proposed the book, was a fount of knowledge and provided us with a link to a post  by John Robson, a filmmaker and columnist with the Canadian National Post, about the story.

Member Ed also sent us a link that demonstrates the near impossibility of impersonating a linnet:

At the meeting, we also discussed the possibility of attending another cricket game at Cornerstone Park in Littleton, but with temperatures reaching 100° the day of our meeting, there was little enthusiasm for a suggested Aug. 6th date. We discussed attending a September game, but looking at the schedule, I see the last games to be played at Cornerstone Park would be Aug. 27 and 28. The Littleton Cricket Club, where our cricket contact Dan plays, is scheduled for the 28th. Unfortunately this schedule isn’t necessarily reliable, but should the date be confirmed, it might be perfect.

We also discussed where to have our October tea and I suggested hosting it at my home (I’ll have to buy some tea cups).

Our next book is The Girl on the Boat, and perhaps if we promote it enough, people wanting to discuss The Girl on the Train might accidentally attend. The book is available at Project Gutenberg and as an audio book at Librivox. It is was also published as Three Men and a Maid.

Our next meeting will be September 11th.