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Authorized sequel to Bertie and Jeeves?

I’ve never been terribly impressed by any of the authorized sequels to Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen or Raymond Chandler, probably because of that burden of being “authorized.” That’s not to say I haven’t read many excellent pastiches and continuations. It’s just that when it says authorized or approved by the estate that one’s hopes are raised to an extravagant degree.

So it’ll be interesting to see if Sebastian Faulks’ Jeeves and the Wedding Bells can successfully reunite Jeeves and Wooster. I like the line from the Guardian article, where Robert McCrum (author of the 2004 P.G. Wodehouse: A Life) described Faulks’ challenge: “For a P.G. Wodehouse fan to write a new Jeeves novel is a bit like asking a devout Christian to come up with a fifth gospel.”


Chicago Wodehouse convention October 18–20

The Wodehouse Society, the national organization I recently joined, will celebrate all things Plummie Oct. 18–20 this year in Chicago. The convention will he hosted by The Accident Syndicate, the Chicago chapter of the organization.

I dearly wish I could go and will have to count my pennies to see if it’s possible, especially as conventions are only every other year. It will be difficult because I am going to the JASNA AGM in September.


Membership in the society is just $25 a year and you get the quarterly newsletter Plum Lines, of which I received my first copy. Unfortunately information about the Denver chapter didn’t make it into this issue.

First meeting scheduled for May 12th

May-12The first meeting of The Denver of the Secret Nine will be May 12th at 12:30 p.m. at Pints Pub in downtown Denver. With any luck, subsequent meetings will be every other month on the second Sunday (so the subsequent meeting would be July 14th, Bastille Day).

As mentioned in a previous post, the first story to be discussed will be Jeeves Takes Charge. The format of the meeting will be to introduce ourselves, discuss the story, eat lunch and decide the format of future meetings. I’m already a member of Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients and the Denver-Boulder region of the Jane Austen Society of North America, and these two groups have distinctly different ethos. I would think a Wodehouse group should be informal to downright silly, but that would be for members to decide.

Future activities might include watching DVDs or YouTube videos of the Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry series, a round of golf or finding a suitable location for tossing bread rolls (I don’t think Pints Pub would approve).