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May 11th meeting: The Luck of the Bodkins

luck-of-the-bodkinsJoin The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine May 11th when we discuss P.G. Wodehouse’s The Luck of the Bodkins. It’s a simple tale, that involves Monty Bodkin, his on again/off again fiancée Gertrude Butterwick, the film star Lotus Blossom, movie studio magnate Ivor Llewellyn (president of the Superba-Llewellyn Motion Picture Corporation), a smattering of Tennysons, an alligator, smuggled pearls and the shifty, hangdog look of a Englishman trying to speak French.

Eminent Drones Club member Monty is familiar to many Wodehouse fans from his numerous appearances in other stories, but here he really gets to show his stuff front and center. I’m so glad we started our Denver chapter of The Wodehouse Society because I’d never read this before; long-time Wodehouseans can appreciate the joy of reading something fresh.

may-11If you’ve never attended one of our meetings before, the format is simple. We meet at 12:30 p.m. at Pints Pub in downtown Denver, eat lunch and discuss the story. We have an informal sort of quiz. Each member is asked to contribute two questions to pose to the other members (knowing the answers is recommended, but not required). Also, each member should be prepared to contribute those passages from the book which brought home the bacon.

(To help you sound even more knowledgeable about the story, you might want to visit Madame Eulalie’s Rare Plums where you can find annotations for The Luck of the Bodkins.)

Sometimes we meet outside the confines of Pints Pub, as we did after our March 9th meeting when we adjourned to original member Mike’s home to watch two episodes of Wodehouse Playhouse (Strychnine in the Soup and The Truth About George) and two episodes of the new Blandings series (Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey and The Go-getter). Many of the members had never seen either series and the entertainment was much enjoyed. There were no snide comments about the new Blandings series, we seem to enjoy it in Denver.

May 11th is Mothers’ Day, by the way, so you may want to bring mother along (as other members have).