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#Denver of the Secret Nine September meeting/October Wodehouse birthday tea

12th-OctAfter much back and forth, it was decided at the September meeting of The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine to hold our Wodehouse birthday tea on Saturday, Oct. 12, at the House of Commons tearoom in downtown Denver. Our previous poll had the most votes for the House of Commons, but the date that most voted for was Sunday, Oct. 13. (Plum’s birthday is actually on Oct. 15. The national Wodehouse convention begins Oct. 18.)

Unfortunately that conflicts with the Oct. 13 meeting of Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients, and since five members of our Wodehouse group are also members of DWNP, that would be awkward. So at the Sunday, Sept. 8 Wodehouse meeting, it was decided that the easiest solution would be to have the Wodehouse tea on Saturday, Oct. 12.

Apologies if this is inconvenient for anyone, but the date is set. A reservation has been made, but is limited to 15 people. (If everyone who has already attended a meeting commits to the tea, that is already 12 people.) If you can attend, please confirm you’re going by either leaving a comment here, contacting Jennifer Petkus or confirming via the facebook event.

It would be nice to increase our membership by a few people. We don’t want our bi-monthly meetings to be unmanageable, but a few more members would ensure our long-term survival.

It was also decided at the meeting that, at least for the immediate future, we will dispense with the quiz. It is difficult to create a quiz for a whole book and member Larry Feldman suggested we should shift focus to be more of a book club, which suggestion met with general approval. So to prepare for the next topic of discussion—Leave it to Psmith—you might want to jot down any quotes you find particularly amusing or observations you think particularly telling.

If you’d like to go so far as to make some short remarks—no longer than five or ten minutes perhaps?—then let the group know in advance so that we can eagerly await your wisdom. We will provide our own amusement, as it were, rather than putting the pressure on a quizmaster.

The next meeting, incindentally, will be at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 10 at Pints Pub. We’re sticking to our every other month/second Sunday plan. As indicated earlier, we’ll discuss Leave it to Psmith and yes, it is annotated at


Uncle Fred in the Springtime Sept. 8

We’ll be discussing Uncle Fred in the Springtime this Sunday, Sept. 8, at Pints Pub in Denver. We start at 12:30 p.m., eat lunch, discuss the story and take the quiz. So put on your thinking cap and join The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine as we delve into the inspired lunacy of Blandings, Efficient Baxters and that prize sow, The Empress of Blandings.