Mike and Psmith in July

mike and psmithSeven of the Nine convened at Pints Pub to discuss Jeeves in the Offing (aka How Right You Are, Jeeves in the US) at our May meeting. When we next meet, at 12:30 pm Sunday, July 8th, at Pints Pub, we’ll discuss Mike and Psmith, which was vigorously championed by Member Janette. She warns that the book was written in two parts, the first called simply Mike or Mike at Wrykyn and the second called either Mike and Psmith, Enter Psmith or The Lost Lambs. Although there is an Overlook Press edition, it might require some searching to find it at a reasonable price.

Thankfully it is available from Project Gutenberg and can be downloaded as a Kindle version, but it is split into two titles. The first Mike can be found here, and the second Mike and Psmith found here. Of course it can also be obtained from other publishers, including Penguin paperback, although probably used.


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