The Adventures of Sally discussion questions

Member Joice contributes these questions for our discussion:

  • Where was The Adventures of Sally first published, and in how many installments?
  • Where was it published and in how many installments the following year?
  • The book has been described as jerky and choppy, and it’s said (Plum Sauce) that several short story themes are untidily connected, leading to a scrambling of loose ends that then must be tied together at the end. Is this/how is this different from Wodehouse’s other books?
  • How much did Sally actually inherit? how much did her friends think she inherited?
  • Who was the older gentleman at the boarding house of whom Sally was very fond? Where did he end up after he left there?
  • What appeal does Jerry Foster have for Sally?
  • Who does Jerry marry? How does Sally find out?
  • What are Gladys Winch’s redeeming qualities?
  • What happens to Fillmore after he gets married?
  • On the beach at Roville, the terrier is said to have tried to “fletcherize” the poodle—to what does “fletcherize” refer?
  • Who had fired Ginger just before he went to Roville?
  • Who is the head of “the Family”?
  • What is Ginger’s real name?
  • What business was Ginger’s father in before he “failed”?
  • What sport did Ginger play at Cambridge and what was his position?
  • Bloomingdale is not a department store—what is it?
  • What sport does Ginger later take up to make some money?
  • What kind of animal do Sally and Ginger bond over at the beginning and return to at the end?
  • What business does Fillmore go into when he gets out of show business and what is his specialty?

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Lower your voice!” “He can’t. He’s a tenor.”

“I made you what you are today—I’m hope I’m satisfied.”

“Lion in a den of Daniels”


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