Next up: Laughing Gas

laughing-gasThe Den(ver) of the Secret Nine will next meet at 12:30 pm March 12 at Pints Pub in downtown Denver to discuss Laughing Gas after having had a very enjoyable January meeting when we discussed Galahad at Blandings. I’m afraid I’m remiss in forgetting who eventually one the day in promoting Laughing Gas as our next book to read. I have a hazy recollection that it was either member Mike F. or member Ed D. Whichever of those worthies one the day, you are charged with providing the discussion notes for the meeting.

Laughing Gas is one of Wodehouse’s forays into the world of Hollywood and I think the story is a standalone, both in having little connection to the rest of the Wodehouse universe and also in being Plum’s most metaphysical work.

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