Happy Birthday, Plum!

Although we’re known for our fanatical devotion to P.G. Wodehouse, no one expects The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine to pay much attention to the calendar, and so we were a little late to celebrate our favorite author’s birthday a week late on Oct. 23rd. Nevertheless, seven (if Lee becomes a member) of the Nine met at member Jennifer’s home to stuff themselves with little finger sandwiches and drink tea from delicate porcelain, not to mention tiramisu cake and apple pie.

We entertained ourselves with pointed commentary about the elections currently afflicting the American public and also listened to a simpler time: the first of Wodehouse’s wartime broadcasts. Although we didn’t have an actual recording of the broadcast, we used a synthesized British voice to read back the transcript, which you can find at the UK Wodehouse society. (There’s supposedly a CD called The Spoken Word—Writers, compiled by Richard Fairman in 2003, that includes a recording of one of the wartime broadcasts, but I’ve never been able to find it.) This might sound a little gloomy for a birthday party, but you had to be there.

We also decided as a group that we will annotate Wodehouse’s If I Were You. This reporter will tackle the first chapter shortly and post it here.

Our next meeting will be Nov. 13, held as usual at Pints Pub at 12:30 pm. We’ll be discussing The Mating Season.

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