Heart of a Goof well under par

summermoonshine1Which I think is a good thing, if I understand golf scoring properly. All the regular members who attended the May 8 meeting professed to have enjoyed The Heart of a Goof, or rather the collection of nine holes … er, stories. Coincidentally we were Nine in all, thanks to Member Janette’s friend Jane who tried us out to see whether she would become a member.

I can’t remember everyone’s favorite quote, but new Member Mike’s Overlook copy was full of Post-Its and Member Ed observed that the nine stories seem to progress over the course of the day, in that pivotal scenes followed the sun, with the last story ending at dusk. Original Member Mike (still looking thin but with a sexy deep voice after recovering from his therapies) related that he recognized many of the characters from his own golf playing days. We were very grateful for Member Shawn’s discussion notes, especially considering that the collection was not his suggestion.

Our next novel for discussion is Summer Moonshine (thanks to vigorous lobbying by Member Ed), which I believe is a standalone story. It’s not a public-domain story, but there are annotations at Madame Eulalie. Our next meeting will be July 10.

Members at the meeting did agree that another cricket outing would be enjoyable, so we hope to get the schedule for games from Dan Ruparel. With luck, we can manage another September Saturday game at Cornerstone Park in Littleton.

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