A Damsel in Distress for July 12

damsel-in-distressThe Den(ver) of the Secret Nine numbered seven at our Mother’s Day meeting. This year no one chose to bring Mom to a meeting and so turnout was a little low but our enthusiasm for Wodehouse’s 1915 masterpiece Something Fresh made up for our reduced numbers. Several members had never read it and for newest member Mike it was his  introduction to the Blandings saga.

Member “Phone Box” Larry said he’d wished Something Fresh had been his first introduction to Blandings, for he had been somewhat at a loss when thrown into the maelstrom that is Leave it to Psmith and Uncle Fred in the Springtime and it was a pleasure to him to start at the beginning.

july-12Our meeting was also the first trial run of Wodehouse Trope-ical Bingo version 2.0. The new version relies on story specific tropes and we’ve identified 48 tropes that appear in the novel, making it possible to print two randomly ordered cards for each player. We’re hoping to officially play our first game at an upcoming get together on Aug. 15. This will not be a public meeting and only open to existing members as it will be at original member “Hard Cider” Mike’s home. We’re also hoping to schedule the cricket game outing but are awaiting a list of dates from the Colorado Cricket League. That event will be open to all but unlike last year, will not be a catered event. Most likely it will be a potluck with a sign up sheet so we don’t end up with a surfeit of cucumber sandwiches. It would be at Cornerstone Park in Littleton should the stars align and not conflict with our bingo night.

Incidentally, several members were puzzled by our talk of Madame Eulalie. Annotations for many of the stories can be found at this website, including A Damsel in Distress, the story we’ll discuss at the next meeting, July 12th, most likely at 12:30 p.m. at Pints Pub, our usual meeting place. I think it was member “Ice-T” Joice who championed this 1919 novel, saying it might very well be a Blandings tale in disguise.

Its available at Project Gutenberg and as a Librivox recording, but I’ll undoubtedly opt for another Overlook edition. It was also filmed in 1937 as a musical comedy starring Fred Astaire, Joan Fontaine and George Burns and Gracie Allen.


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