Catering for cricket tea


I think I’ve stolen an image from Dad’s Army

We’re working with the Serendipi-Tea Shoppe in Littleton to provide sandwiches and desserts to be served about the time of the tea break (around 3:30 p.m.) during the cricket match Aug. 23 at Cornerstone Park.

The menu will include four tea sandwiches and four desserts, including scones with toppings, for about $15 per person (we’re still calculating prices, which will be somewhat determined by how many responses we receive). Vegetarian sandwiches will be available and it would help if you made clear whether you’d prefer a vegetarian plate. This price does not include tea, but The Denver of the Secret Nine will be providing free iced tea and lemonade.

Payment will probably be by check or PayPal and we’ll announce that information shortly.

Participating in the tea catering is voluntary; you can bring your own food and refreshments and there is no fee to watch the game. Right now, we’re trying to get a sense how many people are coming, so please leave a comment here at, or on our facebook event page, indicating whether you’re coming to game, whether you want to participate in the catering, whether you’d prefer vegetarian and if you’re ordering for more than one person.


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