Some sort of Wodehouse event

As the members of The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine know, I’ve proposed some sort of event around the time of P.G. Wodehouse’s birthday (and coincidentally about the time of the national convention in Chicago). I think there is general agreement that a simple event like a tea would be easily managed, hoping to attract about 15 to 20 people.

So we have to resolve what dates would be best and where to have the event, so I offer two polls here. Just vote on what date you can best manage and where you’d like to meet.


2 thoughts on “Some sort of Wodehouse event

  1. Jennifer Post author

    I should mention that I have a conflict on Oct. 13 with my Austen group. It doesn’t mean the rest of you couldn’t meet or that I couldn’t skip the Austen meeting, but I’d prefer it were Oct. 12.


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