Wodehouse finds a home in Denver



The first meeting of The Den(ver) of the Secret Nine ushers in an era of P.G. Wodehouse in the Mile High City. We met, we ate, we quizzed (see below). We didn’t quite meet the possible turnout of 24 people, but with ten enthusiastic members and the promise of more we should be self sustaining.

As previously advertised the story discussed was Jeeves Takes Charge, which was a mixture of questions taken from the story and some from the rest of the Sacred Writings. The next story to be discussed is rather more ambitious—The Code of Woosters—and presumably the quiz will be appropriately more difficult. But it was decided to stick with the original plan of meeting every two months, which should allow enough time to read an entire novel.

The next meeting, accordingly, will be July 14th at 12:30 p.m. at Pints Pub in downtown Denver. Please leave a comment here if you plan to attend and if you’re on facebook, please indicate if you’re attending on the event calendar.

Here’s the quiz, 13 questions with 18 possible points. I’ll post the answers in a few days.

  1. What is Florence Cray’s saving grace?
  2. What is worse than Types of Ethical Theory?
  3. What sent Lord Worplesdon abroad?
  4. Who is perpetrating random acts of kindness?
  5. Name the three ingredients in Jeeve’s pick me up and what purpose or function does each ingredient serve? (six points)
  6. What is the first thing that recommends Jeeves to Bertie?
  7. What roles does a member of the order coleoptera play?
  8. Which character shares a name with a Jane Austen ne’re do well? As a hint for those in Denver, this character is a principal in the  current world premiere at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

And now a few general questions:

  1. What phrase follows this: The lark’s on the wing …
  2. Who thinks that the stars are God’s daisy chain?
  3. Why would one read Whiffle?
  4. For which Wodehouse character is it particularly hard?
  5.  Where is the one place you can be assured of finding a Mulliner, especially if the sun is over the yard arm?

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