Lord Emsworth and the Girlfriend

Opinion has not been kind about the new Blandings series on the BBC. One wag called it “Something Nasty in the Wodehouse,” which I thought rather clever, although I don’t join the camp that considers the series as some offering from the Empress that one must scrape from one’s shoes. It obviously much too broad with silly sound effects and too much chatter, but I still think it’s jolly fun to have Wodehouse on television. It’s been too long since Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie played Bertie and Jeeves and any sort of Wodehouse, I think, is better than none.

Here’s the description of this episode from wikipedia:

When the gardener Angus McAllister (Ron Donachie) resigns on the eve of the Blandings Fete and the visit of the children from the London Fresh Air Society, Clarence must do everything he can to get him back, including agreeing to allow his beloved moss path to be gravelled. Among the children are Gladys (Molly Colin) and her younger brother Ern (Ashley Foster). The newly reformed Freddie determines to keep on the straight and narrow by helping his father avoid having to give a speech and wear a top hat at the fete, until he is tempted by the children’s attractive teacher, Miss Younghusband (Emily Beecham). When McAllister makes it a condition of his staying that The Empress should go and that no more flowers are to be cut in the garden it is a demand too far for Clarence. When Gladys is locked up with The Empress by Connie for throwing a stone at McAllister’s shin who is chasing her for picking flowers and stealing sandwiches and a slice of cake for her brother Ern, her stone throwing prowess and love of flowers endear her to Clarence as he comes to her rescue and stands up to McAllister.

5 thoughts on “Lord Emsworth and the Girlfriend

    1. Jennifer Post author

      How did you feel about Peter O’Toole as Lord Emsworth? I won’t pretend this is a great series—far too many sill sound effects and over the top performances that verge on Benny Hill—but I don’t think my time was wasted.

  1. Jennifer Post author

    I would, because I have undiscriminating tastes. Truthfully, though, I can’t remember it that well. It was a 1995 production of Heavy Weather that was show on PBS, I think.

    1. Salutation Recipes

      Thanks for posting this – very interesting! I think I like Peter O’Toole better, based on this short clip. Normally I’m pretty undiscriminating too – it makes a person so much easier pleased!


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